Artist Statement

My work has been greatly influenced by the decades I have spent as a filmmaker. It has made me a professional viewer of light and its ability to react differently on each subject. This has translated into my paintings where I find myself having to use layers upon layers to achieve the same feeling of motion. Much like film making my process of painting is one that is consistently evolving, but mostly I use water-based paints to create the vibrant patchworks of shapes, tones and textures. For me, both filmmaking and art are a generative process requiring the true essence of creativity to be present. My filmmaking career has become the source of influence that continues to inspire my artistic intuition and animate the canvas. – James Dames

About James

Spanning from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, James began his filmmaking career over 25 years ago. He has been employed by all the major motion picture studios with over 60 film credits to date with experience in movies, television, commercials, music videos and beyond. Some of the production companies he has worked with: Lions Gate Films, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox Century Fox, FX Productions, FOX, DreamWorks, Summit Entertainment, The Weinstein Company, Sony, Dimension Films, Marvel, Focus Features, Warner Brothers, CBS, HBO and NBC. Find him on IMDB or see below for a list of current credits.

Mindhunter (Netflix Series, best boy rigging grip)
American Pastoral (rigging grip)
Banshee (TV series, rigging grip)
Concussion (key grip 2nd unit)
Last Witch Hunter (A dolly 2nd Unit)
Foxcatcher (key grip)
Supah Ninjas (TV Series, B dolly)
A Resurrection (dolly grip)
Riddle (best boy grip)
Mafia (best boy grip)
Jack Reacher (A dolly 2nd unit)
The Dark Knight Rises (rigging grip)
Warrior (rigging grip)
Abduction (key rigger)
I Am Number Four (rigging grip)
Locke & Key (TV) (key grip 2nd unit)
The Next Three Days (key rigging grip)
Unstoppable (rigging grip)
Justified (TV Series, key grip)
Sorority Row (dolly grip)
Shannon’s Rainbow (dolly grip)
Adventureland (“b” camera dolly grip)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (key grip: 2nd unit)
In Enemy Hands (company grip)
Crossing Jordan (TV Series, key grip)
War Stories (TV Movie, best boy grip)
Love & Basketball (rigging grip)
Idle Hands (rigging grip)
ISoldier (best boy grip: second unit)
Letters from a Killer (grip best boy)
Any Day Now (TV Series, key grip)
Twilight (rigging grip)
Childhood Sweetheart(TV Movie, grip)
The Assassination File (TV Movie, grip)
Sudden Death (grip)
Roommates (best boy rigging grip)
The Piano Lesson (TV Movie) (grip)
Boys on the Side (grip – uncredited)
A Promise Kept: The Oksana Baiul Story (TV Movie) (best boy grip)
Milk Money (grip – uncredited)
Breathing Lessons (TV Movie, bb grip)
Hoffa (grip)

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